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Openings Next 72hrs

calls, calls, so here we go hang on-Fishing was on today-and the phone is ringing. For my people: PICS ARE COMING-tomorrow should be the day from this past week.

Tomorrow: June 14th- I can take a trip from 4-7pm.   ( I should be in 3:30 to finish my day runs at that time-winds are due to die right out). Booked through our home only so call to schedule that.

Wednesday & Thursday: I have pm trips open . Once filled I will go to third trip if needed.

today was great and I was disappointed not be back out in the pm. as were others. If you had called the boat I would have said show up-lets go! Ocean was fine, sound was fine-what can we say?!!

Good luck to all. I am predating hard right now so if you need to talk to your crew, try to have a good idea what may work for you all then ring us up-we will take you the day  you want if available and always try to fill the days if there is a particular day you need( that is why we do up to three a day). Don’t wait too long and don’t overthink the weather as they have been on a horrid track of hit and miss this year in forecasting so we are working folks. We have another NE due Saturday.

Thanks again and tight lines!

Viv McPherson