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Openings now! Understanding the Calendar

Confusion! I have openings today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday right now because again folks are just plain lost.

I have seen it on the dock this week and I am not casting stones but let me enlighten folks right now because it is beautiful, the fish were on all day yesterday and it’s a crime if you are tied!


If you are using Oregon Inlet and not booking directly with us-why are there days blacked out?

-we could STILL be available and you won’t know it unless you call us (252 423 0039 cell,  252 473 2398 evenings pls for the second number) or them directly. My advice ?call us directly especially if its the very day you want to go! They use a color coded system so that you cannot book online with a credit card  up to 48hrs before. THINK of the people who don’t know! 

Can I call you as I wake up and book?

If I am available yes. Call us directly, and we will hook you up!

I saw parties on the dock this week looking for boats and they had them eventually but do not be that person left there confused-let us personally hook you up! We appreciate both those using the marina as well as our clients we book here ourselves.

Our personally booked trips inlcude: half days, all days, third trips, or cruise (that has no fishing involved).  THOSE you need to call us as the marina does not provide that service for us.

Thanks and let those emails keep coming! I was answering on the way home yesterday  as fast as I could

UPDATE: yesterday on half day was good good Spanish fishing as well as one or two cobia thrown in the mix. Gotta be lucky as you could catch one and the guy next to you may not! Good luck!

Viv McPherson