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What?! Openings-Sat. Wrapper

Know what is great about the weekends? No traffic right now! That means when you find a bite there has been less competition!

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Today we were on track  on half a day with a good Spanish showing on the coast. There were a few ribbonfish (dozen bit if you were fishing for those-no huge area )as well as occasional small shark(sometimes no ribbon, just small shark). You had to pick your venue on half day as you only have so much time and it is fishing not Costco! I have extended trip time tomorrow if you need more time as Sunday is completely open. Cost is by captain so call for details 252 423 0039.

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Openings: We are open tomorrow and one opening Monday if concerned about the next 48hrs. Call us directly and lets go. Fishing is fishing and weather is whether!

Thanks to those waiting on pics-they are on the way along with the full report


Viv McPherson