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Openings; the Tropical Push?

I cannot believe I have to have this conversation..FIRST

Openings: THURS: Am or Pm trips.  If you want third trip (4-7) that you must book through us. Only have four people? Call us direct.


We had good fishing all day today with blues, some Spanish, as well as one or two cobia seen. Know cobias are not a main body here yet ( and not a showing south today either) and what few showed were very skittish so not in the boat or so small thrown back. Changes every day and this is first day of flat seas in a bit. Just don’t freak out yet.


Why jump now and not late Saturday,Sunday /Monday?

that is up in the air. There is a system trying to form off of a set of storms through the Bahamas. NOAA has it as a disturbance perhaps anywhere from Fla (northeast)to Lower NC.

This means a bit of rain and possibly wind. Wind is our biggest factor. We are in the ocean at present which means if we get pushed out, it could zip the lips on the fish. I fished all last week with wind so we were all happy to be in calmer waters. We should have a better prediction by Friday on the system. If you are HERE-lets go while it is more predictable.

Call us directly at

Sinbadsportfishing 252 423 0039 cell/boat

If you call the marina-up to you-ASK for our boat. I have had great people this week and it is why I get up early to go!

Viv McPherson