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Parking Lot Pokemon & the Fin-ish

Pokemon in the parking lot? NO SOUP FOR YOU! lol I had a charter wandering the parking lot last week doing that and just a heads up; make sure you play it behind my boat if you have to play! Let us get rolling shall we? Half days have seen blues, macks, no triggers yet. We do get a shot on drum here and there/release only. Ribbon fish, some small shark, moon fish were about when the trolling bite waned. All Day or custom trips had seen amberjacks. You will need to schedule and talk with us about that fish at present-that is not a half day trip as you have read-  we have been on them for over a month!

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As promised I have tons of photos from Jack trips as well as half day nearshore!

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My regulars and new customers alike have fished a variety of venues of late. When the wind switches so do we and that means every rod is rigged right now. I often think that Nearshore doesn’t get some of the credit it deserves as we fish so many slots and venues.

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All depends on type of trip, time of year, time frame, weather etc. Moon fish, ribbon fish ( makes you think of the movie “Alien” am I right?), macks, blues, jack…it can be exhausting!

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Light tackle, standard, troll, bottom fish when conditions are good; you would be surprised!We work with what each day gives us and beyond that we work with our clients way before their trips to best see what is what. That is what you get by speaking & booking directly with us!

I am still editing  photos right along. We are booked every day right now so here is my latest schedule (yep we fished today and took a siesta this afternoon)


Mon. Tues Thurs Fri & Sat. pm trips only.

Sunday is gone

Wednesday is gone but we can do a third trip if that is your day from 4-7pm

We do not have the heat on the boat you have on land. The water lends a breeze and the cabin and overhang have shade (benefit of our sportfisher ).

If you have a half day and want to extend it please let us know prior to the day of your trip!

Thank you to all and yes, if you do not see your pics they are coming up! bookmark us!

Viv McPherson