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A “Post” it Note

We came right on into a full schedule this past week but let me get to those great folks who saw us through a week ago!

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The weathervane spun a bit but it stopped no one from coming down to the docks and going out. Flounder and mullet on the back  changed to the troll on blues, spanish, albacores and the like.

P8020374 P8020375

Families from both coasts made their way for some quality time and could not have been nicer.  We have had so little rain down our way this year that it honestly overall has been unbelievably great to work this year.

P7310355 P7310358

Doesn’t mean we do not get challenged, we do. It is nature and nature determines whether you can make it a go or not. That being said, we have been busy!

P8010359 P8010361

I still have the Pokemon crowd collecting along the troll (incredible I know…lol) but they get right out there and hit the tackle as well so if it makes you happy, hop on it!

P8020362 P8020367

I wanted to thank everyone who has given us a shot this year as well as my tried and true clients who have stuck with us for so many years now no matter what we catch.

P8020369 P8020373 P8020371

We have seen the seasons and the gauntlets; backside and the oceanside. Thank you. honestly. And yes sir, the fish has been so appreciated this year that folks have passed on to us on occasion. We have put up enough that I know we will be seeing it in the winter!

As of 8/13/16 beach water temps dropped to the sixties which switched on blues in the hottest water soundside. Off the beach was cold as well. You have a coldfront due later this week which should help the beaches out a bit. that was today overall.

**Amberjack-do not book without speaking to us first or you could get your feelings hurt. just a heads up!

I have another round of photos coming in! If you are not here it is because you will be soon.Thank you to all who have kept us untied-I will post our openings and fish information soon.

V McPherson