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Purses , Shoes & A bag of Bones? Your PSA

I have to say that after having a conversation with another captain during a break in the morning (ok Sarah and I were waiting for the next groups), it got us to thinking! We take alot of fun families. Occasionally, some of the guys will mention the Outlet Malls, shops, etc. The way we tallied it was that a purse/bag “on sale” could be balanced with a trip with us! Shoes involved? Extend the trip! Wait, spa time too???? Lunch out?! Winner Winner Chicken dinner! I see an All Day Trip! Okay so we had fun with that (there is a slight logic). That is just the way my mind works as I KNOW those brands ;)

We also became aware of some things as well. We are accustomed to cleaning our own dinner. Many clients are using services elsewhere as well as the marina. This is a plate of cleaned ribbonfish with the skin removed. Nope. no bones. If grilling you can leave the skin on but yep, it comes off in strips. The reason this came up is that a visitor caught us chatting up on the docks and mentioned a fish he tried was too bony for his liking. It happened to be what we considered a desirable fish also seen restaurant side.

I would say this; if we are recommending the fish it is because we consider it a good fish to eat! We were both a bit surprised on the news that bones were left in. For us, heading and gutting would be the case for that on small bottom fish which you treat like pan trout. I have eaten croaker, trout, sea mullet this way just like camping out on a river.

If you get fish filleted that are bony, most of the time you can rectify it. For triggers they have a big rib cage you can take a knife up against and remove the meat or roast/poach the fillets and the meat falls off any bone. Filleted ribbonfish american style is one long piece for each side no bone. You can remove the skin by taking a sharp knife between the meat and skin. I have friends that remove bones with chop sticks when the fish is not filleted. In that style the fish is cut into chunks starting at the neck. They are more adept than I and they actually sent me a video on that which I will post later to our social accounts.

This is visitor feedback we appreciate and had I just wanted to put some good information out there so you we are on the same page! I would hate to think we have all been recommending fish seen in the restaurants, on our plates, in the markets only to find out prep may have soured the experience for anyone! We would not know unless we are being told. Now it is out there.

My angler pics are coming up! I am landside trying to put it up here. This was a LONG week for everyone trying to fish, work around no wind but a huge volume of water moving out of the sound due to the Low Pressure that was here. Sunshine last two days helped alot and fishing got better throughout the day yesterday to approach more normalcy oceanside and soundside.

Hang on as it is coming up!
Thank you to those that were with us as it all got shook!

Viv McPherson