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Quick Bytes for today

Just an FYI on today’s fishing and yes I still have a week’s worth of photos yet to come. All Day as well as half days!

This morning the wind went NE , gave us a nice breeze and kicked us on fishing a bit. A quick early bite shut off and sent boats wandering. Frustrating for sure. The great news? We set back out in the pm and had it all! I had regulars who had fished me when tough and easy and they got the easy for sure this trip.



A few of us were out this afternoon and we hit the blues early then some nice Spanish and a few false albacore. We are out again tomorrow and we will be setting out for the hook ups. This is a picture into the changing landscape we work within so know that the photos you see are hard earned every day!

You can request to be with us tomorrow afternoon (open) or Thursday afternoon right now. Call us directly or ask for us online. If it is amberjack you want to release you need to call us directly as it takes some time! Thanks!

Viv McPherson