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The Rabbit’s Foot & Pikachu

I keep getting the lucky rabbits foot for crews fishing me!
Brandon had called us prior to getting on board and know that we were in a few territories to get it done but we did! The fun thing for us is always watching a dynamic between our guests. They remind us of the times we get with our own fam. Not enough by far.


We trolled it, drifted it, jigged it, live baited; I am pretty sure I used it all. The bonus is that my charters are right there with me grabbing the next pole, next set up, net hook up! Fish can bite on a whim, a set up, a condition, and sometimes it takes that. The key is enjoying each venue for what it is and remembering you could be stuck in paperwork, handwork, line..somewhere…anywhere. Enjoy what is there and roll!
I have to admit, I was a bit merciless on Brandon because he WAS so enthusiastic! He would crank in a double then just get Pikachu eyes for the fish that got cranked in next to him on someone else’s rod. I think he wanted my job….no really …

I liked how it rounded out and I appreciate you all giving us the call!

I want to give a shout out to “Philly Tony” ( I know a Tony, Tuna Tony, etc…hence ;) ) today and know we really thank all of you for making my morning so incredibly effortless. Tunes were great (yes folks bring a portable speaker if you wish! Works great!) Having and easy few hours isn’t always the case. When I have to change tackle,it is great when it flows smoothly along.

Swell continues just a small bit and we need it to be gone already on the shoals.I am tired of repeating myself! Hurricane Leslie is on the OPPOSITE side of Bermuda set to move North then East due to High Pressure systems in play. YAY! Go already.

Weather and temps are great but give us a call directly right now so we can go over all the latest information! I want us all on the same page!

Thanks to all and see you on the flip!
Viv McPherson

Cpt. Will 252 423 0039 cell