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Rain, Shine, and On the Line! Today’s fish wrapper

I hate tapping my fingers when the weather is great, the fish are hungry, and my boat is decked and ready. I didn’t have that problem today! The sun gave us more summer like temps, the truck pulled in, the sandwiches came out (and no, I have no idea why men constantly try to engulf a subway in the parking lot…truly, have ¬†seat you can eat it on the boat), and I grabbed each one so we could get underway!



Happy Bachelor Party! They all rolled out of the bed, got on board, and know what? Paid off! We want to go and if you wake up and want to hit it, lets go! Seas were like glass as we headed out to the Atlantic. You could not have had it any calmer. My guys hunt, fish, hang out, and had easy going written all over them. Perfect way for me to head out on a Sunday! I know right? It never fails! Everyone is

P1010373just taking it in and wham-the rods start to load! I know Keith…you had no idea I could snap fotos like this! Amazing what happens when you try to talk and I am snapping! (I know ..you can “thank ” me later ;-0 )

spinners, top baits, bottom baits-if there was a flash or a bucktail out there it was being chased! Not to be outdone…it was about five minutes before everyone felt like they were at home


No! He is not “Jersey Fist” pumping! Swear!!! I like the fact if your buddy is taking it off, and it drops back into the Atlantic, that they could you know…eye ball the blame out of my hands! lol And then again, that is what makes it more like taking friends than work most days.


There is alot to be seen! Birds, the blitz, the dolphin, and of course…the “mystery” sighting that somehow I did not see…of a huge fish head coming out of the water…yep, yep, yep…lol

P1010376I tried to wait for Keith as he had to run up to the store but literally, right before time some squalls chased us home (that is rain you see falling) but it didn’t matter. Limits of blues, one “Oregon Inlet Monster” and plenty of Thai fish, grilled fish, fried fish, you name it. I think there was also a marinade of barley drink attached to this as well! Fellas, thanks so much! I was ready to work, ready to go-and any time you want to hop back and try it we will be ready! We have much ahead of us this year! On the flip!


Viv McPherson

Excellent fishing today and pretty weather is still forecasted for a bit! Lets get out there while its good!


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