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The Red, The Black&Blue

We are still on the fish again this week! I have been booked solid and if you are coming in next week, The first slots open are 9-11th pm trip only. Call us for anything after that. It can change but know that we have enjoyed a good summer!

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For my crews who have waited patiently this past week to see their faces , here we go! If you have been swimming along the oceanfront you have seen the temps jump up and down. Fishing went hand in hand with this and we have been making the runs to keep on the bite.

P7290334 P7290336 P7290337


Some “bonita” (in our country we still call them false albacores but in open markets abroad they are bonita) popped, Blues have doubled us up and Spanish have hung on to give us one of the better summers on that species!

P7260311 P7260313

Never let it be said we don’t take that shot of drum when we can get it! They don’t bite all the time but when they do, it is always a bit of a race.

P7260312 P7260308 P7260314

If we could have everything bite every day we might, but to keep it “fishing” and not fantasy know that we work it hard.

P7270324 P7270328 P7270323

Fishing is fishing, and catching is catching and it clicks on various cycles some days! Weather  has been great but we have had one or two storms this past week-hence the Black- that have washed us all down no matter what marina you hail from.  They rain, they pass through, and it is back to lines in. There was no avoiding what forms on top of you but the bite continued! I have more coming down the pipeline for crews who fished me last week and this week. Thanks to all who booked with us -we like to speak with you personally. For those we missed; tight lines and good luck!

V McPherson