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Red Jack, King; It’s Poker

Fishing can be catching, poker, or fishing!

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Summer has blasted us this week but oceanside and soundside we have the breeze on the boat which keeps us from the heat you have on land! I am posting from last week and running into this week so hang on as there is an update at the end of the report. Birds and bait gave way to blues in the runs early with various sizes in the mix!

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I have had my regulars, people who have never fished us and friends of friends along the way.

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Anglers also saw the backside on the breeze up  shoving spot, trout, etc into the cooler. If you are not familiar with beer batter or cumin/olive oil, sliced peppers (hot) for fish tacos-welcome to my world lol. We still saw amberjack but as of this week know that structures are now picked.

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You can get there, get one or two bites, get no bites, have six other boats with you, go all day find some/none. It has been over a month and a half of the jacks so that is the natural course of the run. Talk to us before trying to book for that.

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On the up side we have been on the drum (release due to large size) for some times now! I had great anglers hooking on their own (nice job guys) and complete chaos in the pit even this week complete with video. lol. More coming on that fish but you have to put in some time and be lucky enough to run across them as well. They are large pelagics and they move! Family and friend effort is what puts them in the digital viewfinder!

7/22 : half days today saw slow this morning with few bites give way to Spanish macks, one or two bigger bites if lucky. Backside was strong for the bottom fare as well. Spot, trout, to name a few.

All Day some jack bites, some kings. You have a breeze up due and even though I have Saturday Sunday open right now I don’t want to even think of that unless the weather is good. Gives you territory.

If you are not pictured here your pics are coming! We have more in store from this past week.

I am just about filled all next week already. If you were on the fence, sorry to have missed you. If fishing becomes steady be glad to run a third trip -booked by us in the 4-7pm slot.


V McPherson