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Red Sky In Morning-What is open

We are booking hard right now and I have had a few people discuss rain. We all fish in the rain and usually it is a squall that pushes through.That is why we have a cabin, bathroom, bunks etc. I am the only one that has to check the lines lol.

That being said if it is pretty this weekend lets go! I have alot of folks who wake up only to see it is sunny and then jump. I left the fish biting and that is the best I can do! Today was blues, maybe and albie and macks were scarce period. That is half day report. You will have summer temps coming your way in a nice way with a breeze.

Thanks to those aboard as we continue with the summer rush!
PS I have the rest of the photos coming up so if you were with us for kings and spanish earlier , the shots are on the way!

V McPherson