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Red, White, Blue & Brown-Fish Wrapper!

It has been a week with some pretty weather and one day most definitely not! Let me catch you up on what swam.   The beginning of the week saw fantastic temps and fish on tap.

P1020064 P1020065

Taylor blues continue to try to line up as they traditionally do. Our water temperatures have been up and down so we continue to work on tracking everything we catch.  There is nothing like the doubles, singles, and anglers running to grab a rod.

P1020053 P1020042

As the first front descended, boats fished oceanside rounding out their catches. One day put the nearshore fleet backside on mullet, croaker and the like with seas oceanside 5-6ft (yep, nearshore has a limit). Harshest winds we have had in a while and most unwelcome as it jostled it all.

P1020066 P1020068

As we headed out today we hit the ocean under the birds for more to lay on the dock. Nice taylors put the doubles and singles on the line!

Cobias: For this past week made a solid showing early in the week with my anglers Monday-Wednesday getting a few shots.


P1020056 P1020060

I thank the guys that jumped on spontaneously just wanting to get out! Water temps dumped the last 48 (Friday-today)making that fish a now show on this end and a no show yesterday on Hatteras shoals. Gotta have some heat for the next push on that fish but know Tuesday-Wednesday we were keeping some, throwing some back-and the line pulled off the spool!

P1020046 P1020048 P1020055

I always am up front so know that there are smaller fish in the mix. I threw back as many as I kept and there is no negotiating. Take a pic and the law is the law. I know, makes a grown guy cry (not the case in Gary and Wally’s trip-they were happy to hook it up) but if this is too disappointing know if you look at our sheet (restrictions) there are various size limits , number limits for it all be you nearshore or gulfstream. No crying in baseball boys! No written guarantees!

I just tied up for the day with an excellent bachelor party who “made good choices”! lol. I have openings so if there is some fish or trip in particular you are interested in-ASK first. I will do my best to find the best conditions to up the odds. For those looking for our browns-cross the fingers for warmth. It was 61F at the upper line today! Too frigid! We have great weather the next few days so enjoy and lets go!

We have various trips for various budgets. ONLY 4 people? You do not need six people to go! Six is your limit-it is up to you who comes along! Give us a call here at

252 423 0039 cell/boat or 252 473 2398 home.

Thank you to all who fished us this week.

V. McPherson