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Reeled Ribbons-the anti fish!

“Don’t set the hook, don’t double check it, just reel!” It can be rewarding and soooo frustrating if you are a great fishermen and fish fresh water and beyond.



It swims vertically, charges vertically, it is just bizarre but has become a curiosity this year lol. It can be relaxed, hectic, frustrating, easy-which means alot of running around for the crew and at the end of the day we re -rig to do it all over again. Cranky? Heck yeah! Switch and switch.

P1020454 P1020460 P1020459

We continue back and forth between ribbons & the troll depending on what is biting and how well. My regulars have kept me rolling and new customers continue to find me on the docks.

P1020461 aug 5th am


The weather appears to have settled a bit, the breeze is great, and the bite is rolling along. Sometimes you get bit off, some times you get a nibble and some times they completely cover you. It changes constantly.

bittle family ribbonfish P1020457 bittle


Yesterday was slow (8/11) and we were off. Today we were back on and the bite again began to settle. We have more photos coming soon from both the backside post coldfront and the ocean.

All Day Nearshore had dolphin today so don’t get confused and think you can reach it in half a day-unfortunately, that was a 32 mile one way run lol. No crying in baseball! If there is a fish you are interested in, best to call prior to booking. I made it clear to three groups on the dock today that “big” is subjective this time of year based on what is migrating. We keep all our options open but it just depends on what migrates when. Thanks to all

Tight lines

V McPherson