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Reflecting onLabor Day Week! Berry & Bountiful

We have been untied and catching fish today and we hope as you drove in you took note of the stellar weather! There was a line of cars that deterred me from going up the beach so we hit the closest store to settle in for the rest of today. You can see by Amy’s look that it was gorgeous. With many a fish coming over the washboards, why are you still on the fence? The Fall push has begun and our fish are on the move. They can shut their lips or move out of range so know that we are attempting to be out everyday to be on point.


Hook it up with us directly and avoid the busy signal by calling
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I am editing last weeks photos so hang on a bit and remember we have more to show you!

Thank you to my crew today who fished with Wheeler Berry back in the day on the Ethel May. Of our “old guard” during that time, we continue fishing right along. BTW, If you don’t know who Wheeler Berry was and you think you have inshore /nearshore fishing figured out; pull up a chair. I have a tale to tell….

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