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Regarding Booking At the Marina & w/Us personally

BOOKING WITH THE MARINA: If you have booked online or with the marina for your trip please proceed to the desk the morning of your trip (or afternoon), pay the balance, and get a receipt for your records ! Even if this is on credit card. This is to protect your payment and confirm you have seen the desk. Do not assume they have charged your card in its entirety.


BOOKING WITH  US: since we have already spoken with you personally, do NOT go to the marina as you have secured the boat with us and your balance can be handled with us as well. Simple. Need a receipt? We can do that also.

Today: all day trips saw amberjack and big troll.

Half Day trips saw brief shot on macks, then a shut off, beer batter blues. Half day Jacks have been piled on by many boats so do not “expect” huge runs on that as we have been on them for weeks and you can get your feelings hurt lol

V McPherson