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It’s All Relative.No, really! Fish Wrapper for the week

We have been fishing steady for the last two weeks so lets get started! Friends, Family, and tag alongs all on board!


After coming off the last NE blow we set right back into a nice blues bite as well as another showing on the Spanish macks.  Spanish bit early and it was very apparent that as the sun rose the fish dove!


I have had great fresh water fisherman this time around from all across and never let it be said they do not know how to appreciate the bites! You know, as saltwater fishermen we sometimes forget that you can wait all day for a bite and buddy when fishing slows, we remember it very quickly!


That being said we have not been shut out at all but we have worked for what we are doing right now!

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It left us with plenty for dinner be it rain or shine and we were also lucky enough to see some customers more than once in the work week!

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Sometimes we see folks as they gradually work their way from nearshore (aka inshore as well as we fish everywhere based on conditions) to off the coast as we fish alot of different venues.


We love the oddities we see along the beach-our “inshore white marlin” also known as houndfish always provide a “what is THAT?!” The ocean always offers a dolphin show, a skyline, a big fat breeze! Yep, I am always glad to see my youngest anglers especially when their grandfather fished us so long ago!


They wanted action and this day with the winds the best course was trout, croaker, mullet, and yes Mike; I have no idea where your flounder was. Just don’t become Ahab over it! ;-0  We laced them and my junior anglers did eventually find the bunks! Wish…I …had…lol! By end of weekend I had a repeat customer who got the perfect conditions for an All Day Trip!



Conditions determine where we can fish and we know better than to fight mother nature. That means an All Day Trip can be alot of different things.


Luis, Cheyenne, and Austin climbed right aboard and off we set. Remember you do not have to keep anything. You can take pics, videos, and for us if that makes your trip it makes our also. We had a great time on our hook ups with the amberjacks (they yank boys. if you doubt it, hit our facebook page for the videos), limit of tilefish (this is due to close in another year on the recreational end so when we have that date-if-we will post it), as well as dolphin !



All fish migrate through so what you may be seeing for a month obviously might move or even not be around another few weeks down the road.



When fish move, they move period. I have scheduled every All Day Trip for me personally which has allowed me to get the weather and get out with great results. That can help alot!



We are back on half day schedule tomorrow with openings in some of the afternoons. If you are here and want to go-give us a call directly as the online form will not allow you to book 24hrs out! I know, we have complained-but that is how it is.

VIDEOS-anyone who has posted in facebook-I am going to get a second video page up and running here. As I have it you will see it and we welcome videos. Please remember we have kids on our site. Thanks! For current vids-just go to our facebook page! thanks

Viv McPherson