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My Repeat Offenders-Twice is nice

Love it. I have had some for years, some first time around then again during the week as we fished along. Here on vaca?  Let me catch you up. I heard alot of crying post Labor Day on the bite after this last breeze up. And true to form our fish do get shook and can be that way but lucky for us we have still grabbed some good ones again today !


We were the only boat to continually fish through the last blow every day and as we hit Labor Day Monday we finally slept…Period!


As we started during Cristobal’s rise and the NE collide it was bluefish pretty much every trip with limits being hit by our anglers. I had fishing clubs and business men who were blown out offshore that took advantage of inter boat competitions (I swore the next time we had that I was just going to grab the other mate, take our boat and compete against the anglers rather than have boat to boat competitions) on most weight, biggest etc lol.


Never let it be said I don’t compete. I think I lost to a skate one day only to rebound on weight the next trip.


My steady regulars from the previous Sunday were no slouch either. Just ourselves and an open boat on the bite! I lost my lucky hat but don’t tell the fish  because we kept right on the whole way through.

P1010389 P1010390


Yep, it blew that much that as we circled fish, it blew off string and all. As the seas began to settle we set our hat back on hoping what we left would reorganize a bit. Sometimes it takes a few days. And there is nothing like seeing some of the same smiles again either. Leave it to big sis to grab some nice pics.


He is going to really miss her when she goes to boot camp-yes, I said boot camp. She has my email…I am good for a care package any day. I think everyone should eat (it is a family thing…”eat..eat!” lol ) Take a good look.



As soon as the work starts Oregon Inlet bridge will come down. Today 9/3 was stunning. Flat water, good bite, great regulars who keep me untied.  I landed on some blues right off but my crew has been there and done that. We made short work releasing and set out in hopes of other fare. Amberjack on tap had alot of boats on it and its wanning season is coming. Time to wrap that up shortly.

P1010406 P1010407

We headed instead for half day on Spanish and some albacores! Roseanne loves em’ and with Mike waiting to start work in NY and his cousin in tow, we hit the rigs for the bite. It didn’t take long to see some action and with bait and fish popping, we just turned our anglers loose! By trips end, success, some for the grill, and still a beautiful day ahead!


We have openings tomorrow into weekend as the summer rush has waned. If you are here lets go, get it while its good and the seas cooperative. If you are coming in give us a call directly. My crews know to book us directly and that way we can untie!

Thank you to all our customers old and new. I was waiting on some pics to be added. As soon as they are emailed they will be in the next report!

Viv McPherson