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More Ribs to fish! Here we go

We have been talking long enough. The New Bonner Bridge begins replacement construction in March 2016.  I have known this view for so many decades (I am not telling).



I found a great visual to see how the proposed new bridge will compare in height and length. Check the Raleigh News and Observer for the animation.


It will definitely be much longer and higher than our present inter-island connect.  I hear no plans on closing the existing bridge yet (have not seen anything in print) so this is as much as we know. Sunshine has finally found its way but more rain is on tap for a coastal…storm…again tomorrow.



Yards are marshy, boots are on as we sort through all the hooks and bobbers, and we are hoping that Spring is truly on its way by March.  I sat on a bucket just to sort through. I don’t think I need any  spoons until 2025. Would be really great to have a warmer start than say…May!

Fishing wise we will take a look at the nearshore closer to Easter. Know please that for our venue, Easter is still early to see large migration so best to get a report closer to that time frame before booking. Could be all dogs by that time or too chilly at all for any backside bite!

Thanks to those who are booking! If my phone rings, consider it done!   We are avidly organizing so if you get our auto-responder on personal email (never business email) just know that we will get back to you that day it is just we are knee deep in cushions, tackle, containers and the like!

Viv McPherson