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“Richard” the Second time around& other red tails!

I am continuing to post so lets let it fly shall we? It isn’t uncommon to have some of my crews in for two weeks or just for a weekend. (all day pics for jacks below)

P7180226 P7180233

When that happens it is usually two different groups fishing and that means doing it twice or taking advantage of what we did once and trying to change it up if possible!

P7180230 P7180229

Fathers and sons, brother in laws and outlaws; we got em. Stand up, sit down, troll, cast, on and off it all is like a dance. Sometimes you misstep, sometimes you are light on your feet.

P7180231 P7180228

If one gets away you put your head down and go again. It is fishing not a “big box” store  lol.  I always feel like it is a bit similar to “Wide World of Sports” where the announcer used to comment; “the thrill of victory …& the agony of defeat.”  We all have that day where we are the skier plummeting down the hill at 100mph.  The horror…the horror…lo

P7180224 P7180225 P7180239

However, when it clicks, warts and all it really clicks! Our days have been filled with alot of switching gear and that in itself is a task. (Half Days below)

P7210276 P7220288Half days have kept us on our toes as well. We have had a great year guys. I can’t complain as the fishing has been good with just a few lulls and the customers great.

P7210280 P7210279 P7210278

If you hit a bonus along the way, all the better! I have had new anglers and my regulars with me steady and they have made my days so easy even when my game plan continually changed along the way! Thank you-you know I appreciate it .


We are aboard and fishing every day. We do NOT have the heat on the water that you seem to have on the beach and backside. A breeze with the motion of the boat and water temps help alot. Remember we have shade, cabin, bathroom, bunks as well so bring your hat, sunglasses, sunblock etc and lets go!

Fri pm trip open, Sat. pm trip open.

More pics coming right along. Thank you to those keeping us untied-you can book it right with us!

V McPherson