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Ringing In A White One

Thunder and Lightning does not lie.


We count the days out from a winter thunderstorm and wait for the dusting of snow that follows.

P1010854 P1010846

The icy clydesdale legs of the finger pier standing against the push of waves frozen in the moment. The Vortex that ensued put our fireplace in motion.  A  ring? It isn’t a spot on the camera lens.


The ring around the sun made sure you knew you had twenty-four hours until the door opened. Weather in the future and it would be a train. It isn’t often we stay completely on our island. “The Beach” is one bridge away and ten minutes to work. Securing lines, taking in some wildlife is a break this time of year.

P1010833 P1010865

So, maybe we don’t want a big break but we make the most of that time. Otters, small fish, fowl; all grouped in their winter posture. By the next day the blizzard conditions hit.

P1010854 P1010851

Yes it was a type of “wintercane” with Gale force winds, blowing snow, ice, and all the trappings. It was a day to hang on the island if you liked, walk around, watch the kids play in the snow and find a pot of soup.

P1010890 DCIM100GOPROGOPR0799.

It makes you stop and that is not always a bad thing. Those that had to go out to work did; and it was 15mph or so lol.

P1010881 P1010882

Pots were stacked, boats moored, and postcards were photographed  by many from the islands to the beaches. We are due to start a warm up by Monday to Tuesday and as always the white will disappear and the auburn/wheat tones of the marsh will return. Will & I hope you all stay safe (many were blasted horribly in the NE), warm, and as always will be bringing more here soon.

V McPherson