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The Rise of Summer

We can see it in the distance. The sun, the warmth, and the trips to come! I have been taking the chance to meet and greet great groups lately that have been keeping us untied from the docks.  Scott and his friends go way back and taking the time to unhook from the pc/smartphone is key to why their friendship works!

photo1Winds here today are NE & winding down after a brief cool down moved through. We are back up in the eighties by late tomorrow so hang on to your sunblock as it is going to be great beach, bike, and ocean weather!

My crew had a chance to wind down as they were coming in on a blow. Didn’t matter. What started out with a troll and look, became the hook by the end of the trip! We had the birds, we had the breeze,



and the bites Ihad to smile because right along with that the dolphin came out to eat at the same time. If you have not had a chance to see them in the wild it is a reminder of how smart, athletic, and naturally beautiful they are. It is a show!

P1000882Okay, so MAYBE they did have their smartphones out for just a bit. After all, take the photos and videos now. You will be surprised how they keep you entertained (ah the family shots) and happy during the winter months. Think of it as your dose of Vitamin D via technology :-) As you can see, be it breezy, flat, Spring like or heat wave we are here ready to go. Scott, thank you for your time-we always appreciate it. I hope others can get their friends together to catch up just as you all did. That is why it works!

For those here right now; Breezy today. I am already on schedule Wednesday morning with other inquiries- but I do have other openings. We have been on a good bite with breeze in between that moves the bite around. It’s fishing right? With more on tap, give us a call anytime via cell and we will be happy to answer anything you may have to ask. Into the weekend as well the temps look really great~Thanks to all!

Viv McPherson