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The Road to Mordor

I would like to think I have a big sense of humor. I do! The season started early last year with big blues and then small taylors but the winds here show persistence. We have had some great groups from the upper 48 and our group from Maine was so kind I wanted to put them at my dinner table for a visit.

Water temps some days give you small shark or maybe a trout but overall the push is still on its way from below. I let a ling cod go so that should give you an idea. Should we be ice fishing???

Drum at Hatteras point and Big blues all the way down to Cape Lookout need warm water to move up a bit. The more SW winds the better. This is the norm for this time of year. Last year’s Big blues are sorely missed on our shoals but as we go into May fingers crossed on the solid water temps to usher in summer! I would not have traded my crew and we are jealous that their fish continue to cooperate at 37F and ours, their true southern cousins purse their lips!

THE ROAD TO MORDOR remains much as you saw in the movie Lord of the Rings…we have open and closing slots and the trick is to run your trips accordingly and work with the fish, tides, and do it all. I have seen it scheduled, I have seen it cancelled at the last minute due to weather…I feel like we are pushing through the marsh avoiding the all seeing eye.


Work on this part of the span is due to be done shortly and they say this is not an all summer thing.This is a specific span project but know;

Thanks Gandalf…sure I supposed it seemed like we were that cat sitting on the counter slowly trying to knock the glass off to the floor. Closer…drifting…fishing…SURE there are cool places by the bridge to fish but yeah, we were carefully off of that in deeper water away from the work. We have a good relationship with our Guard and think of them as the guy with the staff; it ain’t happening if they say no. We had a netter for company so some verbal exchanges kept us talking.

We are not available until the time frame of May 9th or so. I have referred our emails and calls and we so thank you for giving us the first opportunity! As we know it we will post it but for now a huge shout out to our crew who fished, got the guard show, the dolphin tail slaps, and were a joy to have my first few runs. Thank you Amber.

** It is early on our water temps so small shark, release bass, etc would be the place until it all starts to move! Good luck to those on the water-we hope for calmer winds!

V McPherson

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