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Rock n Roll -Hello Winter

I know I know…Listen, I work all year long so I can become Dora the Explorer.



I will explain later lol. As of today: Bait was rolling and Will has seen a few keepers  as the mosquito fleet cuts a path on the backside. Some days you can catch 50 and they have to be released but this trip it was in the box they went as they made the cut!


If these signs are any indication and we can keep what we are seeing-the next few years should come back into cycle in the backside. Better than last year and the numbers could be a future of hook ups in the coming years!

P1020698 P1020705

Best advice if you are ready to book for this is know the score and that is what I just gave you. We would love to have you and you can’t try to catch them just talking about it. Doesn’t matter if I was on hiatus or not; the boat unties, Will goes, and thanks Benji for filling in! There was more on the hook yesterday and boats were there today as well.



Surf: my neighbor was down Buxton to the hook and he got a nice shot of warm water in their one day to the point he hooked and landed two Kings…from…the…surf! 24hrs later the wind switched, the water dropped, and in came the dogs. That is how quick it can change. In the hook some flounder and blues were landed.  I heard trout and croaker just off the beach as well. Whales are working the krill and there is alot moving around on migration.

I’m back on the boat; I have been making my rounds in a country that still has jungles that look like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie and fish that can school to eat people. I always like to do something new. That way you don’t think I am ready for the rocker-unless I want to sit there after dinner ok?

Thank you to those in contact with us

We are more than happy to take you weather permitting

Viv McPherson