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The Rock, the Roll &Beaches

Let us catch it up.

If you are coming in and want to go you need to schedule ahead of time as it is Fall, weather is key, and we are on the move and want the best opportunity.

Ocean: gulfstream hit a slow down on tunas prior to blow. NE today means holler at your tuna captain and see what he thinks!

Rockfish: since end of October to the last 24hrs-outboards and locals have chased them from Mann’s Harbor and beyond up to Currituck and then some. lol. The reports went from lots of smaller fish to just a few keepers to a bite with some on the dock to “hey it didn’t happen.” This is fishing but nonetheless encouraging as this is how it rolled and if that is what you are shooting for you need to know ! You go, take your chances period. You could “do it” or “hear about how it happened an hour ago” lol.

NE today could be a good thing but if this is your fish know how it rolled.

Surf/Ocean was trout, blues, some croaker. I have not done the kings as the first few were already at Hatteras last week as well as one or two all the way out.

Weather is district and whether!

If you have a question just call. Want to book in the future please pre date it! On the spot doesn’t roll very well when we all scatter!

V McPherson