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It’s the Roll & Call of September

It is always a quiet drive during the early morning hours to the boat. We count down to the  ”fall back” of the clocks.


We unconsciously tick off the boxes. The last of the amberjack on 3/4 or all day as the temps drop, the migration of nearshore species that run with the currents, and the flow of customers who are taking advantage of the lack of hustle this month and next! It is the call of the Fall.

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Winds this year have been steady and hardly leaving a day where you could toss a penny in and see a ripple. Yet, my customers are on the board! Dad’s and daughters are here more and more and you would be surprised at how often they were ready to jump on the rod and crank them in!


Having a very quick big bro is the trick as well. He is a right hand man and we were in the chop this trip which always makes a difference when you have a second set of hands!


My regulars….I know…they are hilarious. They all bring a laid back attitude, some stories, and are happy to be on the boat riding on the Atlantic.  I think some of them have got a horseshoe some days lol.  Never let it be said that Robert & Tess & Co. don’t bring the sunshine and bites.  So where are we now? today 9/14?

Update: 9/14/14

Let us get to the skinny on the wind first! Boys and Girls we were IT today! We represented O.I. Nearshore fleet as again on a Sunday we were by our lonesome (another boat from another marina with us as well)but in the bite!


Blues on tap, one or two macks in the mix. The sound was flat but the ocean remains bumped up. The approaching Hurricane due to be East of Bermuda (think Bermuda is between us and the storm)  is supposed to provide just a small amount of swell. That will keep us on the backside until things lay down in the Atlantic.

What about the cores, macks etc?  Where, When, How? ok-Albacore Update/Macks what was and is…


You need to wait. Ya’ll…it has GOT to get pretty. I wasn’t seeing the nice bunches of albacores the last day we were oceanside. Those cores and macks were zipping their lips in anticipation of this week’s NE winds. You will see sunshine this week but until I post it or put a notice up, I wouldn’t be counting on albacores and macks oceanside until we have the lay down and reorganization.

I have tomorrow morning available or pm trip. If you wake up and want to go, give us a call! Would rather untie in the am but it is your vacation!

Thanks to all who have fished us and as we catch it I will post it!

Viv McPherson