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Rolln n Reeln’ Act 2 week of 8/19 “Catch Up”

The second part of this week ( 8/19/14) was just as great as the first! We continued on the troll and cast between albacores, blues, and spanish!


More great crews came aboard and more bites along the trails.  Clearly, we were stunned as we FINALLY had an entire week, on the ocean, with no huge fronts and no huge waves (obviously paying for that with Cristobal and a Canadian coldfront the following week ).

P1010351 P1010347

Some customers I have had when they were teenagers and now jumped back  to try their hand again.

P1010355 P1010352 P1010356

We got a chance to work from the light gear to the heavy and as more fish kept on migration it was clear that many species were sharing the same space. Always true? No, but sometimes when it all lines up, that is what you see!


Everyone Deserves a close up !



Towards the weekend we began to see some lay down in the species. They had been eating on the moon, plenty in their stomachs, and like people they get full!


Even moms deserve some rod and reel time and that means everyone gets a turn and what turns out is laid on the dock or remembered by digital! We had also see just one or two Kings in the mix and I was sorry to get this blow as I have my King Mack gear polished.


Normally, we still have a few weeks until that fish makes a school appearance but I am hoping not to get messed up with such a solid blow this week (8/25).

P1010375 P1010376 P1010378

I finished up my anglers early last week by Thursday and was glad to be able  to clean my drawers, re-do leaders, put up bait, and grab some extra sleep.

By Sunday the wind train arrived with the Canadian Coldfront and it didn’t matter. Backside we went to four poles down, four poles on with blues that we thought we had left along the coast!

I have more reports coming for the week of 8/23/14.  The above is the last ocean report until it calms down and we are back out there. Backside reports have been good overall and with Summer officially on its way out, we were grateful!

Thanks to all who have fished us!

September is coming so if there are time slots you want that is good. As the weather gets pretty if its fishing you want, get out there while it is flat and pretty! Know when you are arriving and want to fish? Give us a heads up when you book and we will try to put you on the best fishing possible. Yep, they can shut their lips but if you are patient many times it all works out. Fall tends to breeze up and booking a time slot is like that!

V. McPherson & W. McPherson