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“Round & Round” The Fishing Roulette Wheel

Let’s jump right into what went on last week! We are fishing every day hence the end of week report!


Trust me, we stay extremely current and do best when we speak for ourselves. Half days last week came off a breeze up along the coast.


We have been beyond lucky to have a variety of fishermen and new anglers aboard and we have worked hard with conditions to get all the different types of fishing in. Blues were on tap with hardly a Spanish to be seen (that changed Friday so read on).


Paula had booked us at home (always a great way to see what is what) and after we got on some dinner (with bro and sis jumping the rods actively)we had just enough time to sneak off and give the live bait a try!

P1010211 P1010215

Some times you get it, some times you don’t (so don’t hop on and hope, just call us prior to booking to make sure a fish you are interested in is even in season and its possible with the current weather) but this trip little bro got his wish and the shark hook up will take him to shark week! lol Released and happy it was dockside for us.

P1010237 P1010231 P1010230 P1010227

As we made our way into work week and the NE breezes continued, we saw a switch from trolling bites to bottom bites with flounder, trout, some mullet, and smaller fare outstripping the troll on blues! All boats hit the bottom to gear to ultralight. A virtual floating city!

P1010240 P1010242

(I am SORRY Travis…all I can think of is Alfred E. Newman’s “what me worry?” ) it’s my age….

By week’s end we hit the ocean again to see something we had not seen in a while. Fat Alberts! Normally this is my Fall fare. However, there were pods last week that showed early.  If this is a sign of a thermal issue then we will have to be on top of whatever migrates as this breaks some of the traditional timing!


There were occasional Spanish bites in the mix and we rocked and rolled to remain on the troll. There were still boats backside fishing the sound but truth be told, by that end of trip and into the pm. the “Sharknado” made its way up the sound (small squall with wind that put a waterspout in Rodanthe sound) It was a great time to be  tied to the dock-and as luck had it we had no pm trip!


we have been so lucky overall! We hit more good jack and eventual bottom fishing on our trips period. I had another nice family that have had quite a bit of experience fishing dolphin, florida etc.


Experience is not mandatory. When you have the kids and grandkids, it’s about being together while everyone can. All Days can be a variety of things-some close to the beach some not. So best to book it through us as we are trying to get the best weather possible for what you may be interested in.

P1010236 P1010233

That being said we had more action (catch the video on facebook. If you don’t have it, ask the kids lol or grandkids to show you-our page here is coming shortly) on stand up and good fish.  And yes, you can cozy right down and grab a great snooze in between areas !

photo 3-2

I would especially like to thank those seeking us out this year be it marina or home. We have spent years doing our best within mother nature and she is the ultimate boss and party “parent” when its over! Remember we can release it all, take a photo, or attempt to get dinner in the box. A heads up: fish  are migratory. So what you have seen for more than a month can change, move, shut its lips. It’s fishing! Do not assume anything! Believe me, we just get up, assess, and go to work!

Thanks to those coming in

I am booking right along so if you have “mentioned” a day but not deposited-it remains open for others to book

Thank you and lets go into next week

Vivian McPherson

you can reach us through our phones at


252 473 2398 home evenings, 252 423 0039 cell during the day. We fish 7 days a week.