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Rowdy Ron & His ” Crew”

He was! Really! Ok, so they were some of the most laid back, mellow folks I have had this year but no doubt they made my day all the way around. Weather has been good the last few days but getting out around the swell etc. has embraced some determination. Our game plan was trying to catch dinner first-check it out-try bigger gear-put our heads down and work!The few kings that have been  caught have been on a longer jaunt and some days a few, some days not. Half Days have been active enough to keep our anglers on the rod.  We were by our lonesome yesterday which lent to a very quiet trip on the VHF chatter. Blues were once again on the move and getting the numbers was no issue.



We made a quick limit on that fish and changed gears to drop on off a bit. Bait was popping and the trawlers were working hard up and down the coast. Based on the distance, I could see why surfcasting might be challenging in some parts. Our fish didn’t seem to budge closer to shore where you could pick them up that way. The guys kept me busy where I could not snap a photo of the crank ups! I am embarrassed to say I got tangled up…ugh..rare for me as I am an old chick on the boat.



I didn’t lose the fish but  I was moving too slow and as we all know…it is ALWAYS the mate’s fault lol. They were nice enough not to say anything and the fish hit the box regardless of my faux pas.  Marine fisheries weighed the biggest false albacore at 18lb and a bit. One of the largest they weighed up this year and us as well! Nice job! He is looking to mount it and I do not blame him. I have had customers mount a variety of fish and the green tiger pattern pops nice in a mount. Mounting here has changed drastically so know that you may want to give a heads up to your own guy in your own neck of the woods. Shipping from here seems to be a culprit.

Seas actually built again today (Why????) and the water wants to feel like winter in its weight. Heavier. For now, if you are here we would love to have you but call to check which territory we are fishing so you know what is what.


thank you so much for the outing! I appreciate being untied! Come on back anytime!

V McPherson

Cpt. Will McPherson 252 423 0039 cell/boat anytime