(252) 473-2398

On the run

We are! Friday am trip available (22nd)

If you are looking into next weekend we have

Saturday (23rd) and Sunday (24th) open right now.

I have third trip now open for (4:00pm until-call )

Tuesday 19th
Wednesday 20th.

not available for rest of week for third trip after that. 252 423 0039.

Okay; the latest is that we get up, put our shoes on and go! Fishing and crews have been appreciated as both determine how, when, where, and how far! Pics wrap it in a bow.

I have calls for folks looking for a variety of things and that is why you need to talk to us prior to booking! Lets be on the same page! Fish don’t always arrive on time or cooperate but lets work together.
If you are organizing a big group and need a particular day-nuff said. That will be the day! Fishing is fishing. We have done alot of moving around of our crews when things are on the hook but flexibility may not been in the cards for all who have many activities scheduled during their stay. We fish when you book.

We are with bookings into a week from now ( think June 25th week) so if there is a day you are interested in please get on schedule while it is open. We try to fit into your plans!

Thank you for those who continue to “dial” the phone and hook it with us!

V McPherson