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Sea Glass-Catchn’ Up

OPENINGS: We are open Tuesday Pm trip (11am-roughly 4pm) and Third trip (4-7pm) if we are completely booked. Third Trip can be booked only by the captain. Not available Wednesday.

Thurs & Friday we still have two spots left. Call or request us through the marina by name; Sinbad Will McPherson cpt.

Today: Good Spanish fishing throughout the day. One or two false albacores later as well. Schools of alberts have not been seen since the blow .  Great conditions! It was like GLASS!

P1020522 P1020523

As promised here are the first half of photos long due! Last week progressed into a great week with alot of different species on the list! When the troll wasn’t on, the rigs were in for ribbonfish.

P1020529 P1020530 P1020532 P1020534 P1020535


We have had many an angler catch one this year as they milled through. Conditions need to be in place but for our seasoned crews as well, they were something new! As the days flowed through the albacores, some spanish and Kings made an appearance.

P1020540 P1020539 P1020541


One or two peanut mahi also bit. I made Andrea pose because she just smiled the ENTIRE way through! We knew that we had more wind coming and it was all we could do to get folks to stop worrying about “rain” and get on board before the wind hit! lol.

P1020542 P1020543 P1020548

I had the joy of having two young women who fished me soooo many years ago! One almost done with college; one just entering the fray! I miss you two! The “boys” (dad and bro) had some quality time as well. ¬† We made it in right before the first drops of rain hit the dock.

I still have more pics from last week so no worries-your image is coming shortly if you don’t see it here.

You have today’s report above-mainly good spanish etc. I am blocked Wednesday so try to get on board tomorrow or into Thursday Friday with us if possible.

Thank you so much to all that have fished, have tagged us on social media-we do our best to meet your trip.

V McPherson


you can call us direct to book this evening or you can request us if you call the marina tomorrow.

cell phone 252 423 0039, home in the evenings 252 473 2398