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The September Sweeps-Weekend Wrapper

We have been fishing every day this week save Wednesday so let me get you up to date as of this afternoon.


NE winds continued to growl leaving alot of gulfstream boats tied, dry, and chafing. Seas ran from 7-9 feet and if you are familiar with our “bar” which is the end of our ocean going channel, you knew for them it was already written.


Nearshore we had our head down, our gear in and the fish on!  We have fished the backside as well as the shoals and the results have been steady. Water temps still in the  low seventies gave us plenty of doubles, singles, four poles on, three poles on, and anglers not trapped in the hotel and cottages!


Light gear when possible and durable if on the roll. Mike brought plenty of his gear and it worked great on the bottom. Quan was cooking (totally jealous). I kid you not; Bob (pictured right) has been blown out four times prior just trying to fish here. On the fifth go he went of of Jersey and unfortunately was on a boat that sank. Thankfully, all made it to the raft and home safely. Since there was no priest available when he told me this at 6:15am…I said a Portuguese “deus me ajuda” and took him to the ocean, had a great trip, and left the good karma wheel turning-


I hope.   Pictured above is the backside calm. Bottom bites earlier in the week were mullet, calico, trout, some pups in live bait on grass beds, and just a few flounder. This slid down by weekend  due to current up breeze up. Today rounded me out with some great guys who were here, not staying stuck in the hotel room, and ready to go.


Sometimes you just don’t want to notice that not all is going well for someone’s …stomach health in the opposite chair. You know it can be that domino thing…And btw, that man still cranked his fish-yes he did so they need to take him for steak tonight (and he felt better as we were went to the backside territory-it is an inner ear thing guys).

P1010442 P1010443

I tilted my foto so you would get the drift that we have worked hard, produced well in various sizes -species and are looking to continue this as long as the fish stay put! Forecast is for winds to fall out, hopefully laying down an ocean that has just been like a lion lately! There are still fish to be caught so as we catch it we will post it. If you are here and want to go please call us direct. I have Sunday-Tuesday open right now. Wednesday has a hold on it for the time being.

You can reach us at Sinbadsportfishing 252 423 0039

If the fish you seek is not pictured please speak to us prior to booking.   We are taking the weather and sea conditions in to account for it all this Fall!


Viv McPherson