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Shaken not Stirred-Neptune’s Folly

We are not the boss, we are not the boss, we are not the boss, nature is the boss. I knew it.


Too calm, too easy for too long. Neptune struck his trident to the ocean floor and the waves were ushered in by that blow. I promised a recap from the last several days prior and true to my word here we are.

P8110420 P8110419 P8110421

We were making some long runs for half day territory. In truth, it was the limit in terms of time and distance with the push to get to the good Spanish fishing, albacores, bullet macks, shot of drum.  That also switched to blues as the chill down on temps occured.

P8120422 P8120424

We have seen some rat cobia through the minnow bait that were the size of a small king. Off the beach all day the jacks continued to make the last stand as Fall has begun to creep in. Signs slowly popping up to make it know the fish will begin their turn in the next few weeks for warm water.

P8130428 P8130430 P8130433

Still a shark or two in the mix as my loss of planers attested to and one or two winter albacore made their jumps like juvenile tunas. Clear water along the beaches that was frigid warmed Friday as mullet, skate, croaker, bait all tried to warm up.

P8130434 P8130436

Divers found 80F on top and 57F ten feet down to give you an idea. I have had great folks all summer. I brag on them because I can have a difficult day any day and I do not take it for granted both people and fishing wise.

P8130438 P8130439 P8130441 P8130442

I had a great group of Brits that just left me smiling and exhausted on the bite! More family from the big homes stretched along the beach also gave me some line burns on the bite. Good times lol.

P8150445 P8150443 P8150448

Be it for the sushi table (I am putting together a list), cooked fish venue or even release we have gone through some tackle and repaired some reels!

P8160449 P8160451 P8160453 P8160454

If the NE runs true and it is a three day event it will take some time to calm down. That shoves us out of the ocean and into the backside. Fall is coming and as we catch it, we will be posting it!

Thanks to those aboard; we have rounded the 2/3 mark for the season and nope; I wish it were longer as we want to keep fishing it!

V McPherson