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Today’s Update 7/16 & Openings!

Openings: We are open tomorrow afternoon and Friday Afternoon. To book that either call us directly and we can book that (easiest) or if you must call the marina-ASK for our boat “The Sinbad” to reserve your spot!

Super moon-Monsoon for Japan-and a breeze up for us as the Polar Vortex hits the Mid West! A quick update as we begin our week. Slick calm yesterday and breezy today the results were still the same. Most Inshore/Nearshore boats were all out , all fishing-so don’t get us confused with the Gulfstream boats.


Lots of families getting out and some booking more than one boat as big cottages have meant big get togethers. Today 7/16  here is the latest!


Blues around much as yesterday with a good look around for the Spanish to put on the table. We had a reversal from mostly spanish to blues lately but are pushing to put Spanish back on the plate!

P1010122 P1010120

Today’s conditions didn’t stop us as we had a phenomenal crew who fish quite a bit and know we could dodge most of the weather (we ran home right before this one squall) to put the our lines down. The young men were hilarious-seriously I hope they took video on the ride home because there was some spray, some laughs , and alot of Posiden (Greek not the boat) talk lol. Thanks to those who untied with us as you are always appreciated and by end of week you will have the wrap up!

As I always ask-if you are interested in a particular fish-please call us prior to booking so we can see if conditions and bite are present. We fish for many different things both troll, cast, bottom, & live bait so ‘weather is whether!’ ¬†(time of year paramount as well!) total wrap up on all fishing this week will be at end of weekend. If you are coming in, lets try to hook it up.

Viv McPherson

The McPhersons