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Rollin’ Fish … & this week’s openings

I am incredibly behind on pics and reports for last week’s roundup! Please pardon me as I scramble here.


HA! Bet you thought it was a big ol’ shark! Nope. Things are not always what they appear! Giant Manta Rays last week gave my crews a show and lent us two cobia. But, I digress.

First-Openings: we are open tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. It has not been hot this year. Actually rather Fall like and the fishing shows signs of that too as of today. I will run through last week in my next post but know today was blues, some spanish, and good albacore fishing ! Trolling was on tap for sure and casting in play. We finally got flat weather, the bites, and we will be back at it again in the morning. If you are here lets hook it while the fish are moving!

You can book directly with us this evening by calling us at


252 423 0039 cell, 252 473 2398 home.  If you book online or call the marina please REQUEST us by name so that you are on board!

Thank you immensely to all that have been with us!!  I have had younger anglers who have been beyond stellar in some tough weather and those pics are coming. Yep, they caught them through being who they are.  My regulars who have returned-awesome!

Viv McPherson