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Shooting the Breeze with Stella

I just KNEW it was too good to be true. Nice temps, SW push of air then as if a Brando film replayed we were back to 40F. STELLA! I promised a rough outline of what we see so sit back, no more tire kicking and take a look.


Half days Nearshore are a great way to fish the Bay, the beach and surrounding areas. Pretty days let us wander and as the waters warm from May onward, the migrations begin.


Bayside can be occasional Trout, bottom fare,Blues maybe a Spanish Mack.



Oceanside macks, blues,the first of the cobia, and looking for drum are on the list as we hit end of May.


Fish move when they want so each day can be different. As summer pushes in with some 80-90F temperatures, we take the nice days and extended trips to bump off the coast a ways.

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Sometimes on a wreck if the food chain appears and sometimes on the troll. It can all depend on what is swimming and what type of trip we are trying for (think preschedule and speak with us). Wrecks and the fish they house vary with the thermocline.

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Blues, Spanish, Amberjack( jack fishing schedule with us personally please), ribbonfish if the waters hit hot temps, drum, maybe even a weedline to fish. We had some good  weedlines  again last year and put some mahi in the box. Just gotta be here when that happens and know that those lines can appear and disappear!(again-you are talking with us to schedule so you know the ins and outs).

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Fall ushers in the fat alberts (false albacore/bonita). September on towards to October these past years gave us great albacore fishing, last jacks, some king macks-weather is whether and we always do our best! There is a reason we answer the emails and the phone calls; to best attempt to understand your interest. We have young and sage, novice and experienced. I know all the species seem to run together but there is nothing like being on the water, enjoying the time, and being out of the cottage. You can keep, release, fish rain and shine as we got that cabin, bathroom and cover!

Thank you to those already on the books and doubling back. As for the winds and temps today; man….here is to a quick Spring and back to the warmth so we can get going on the fish!

V McPherson & Cpt. Will McPherson

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**we run half day nearshore am & pm trips. We also run all day Nearshore trips.

*if you are trying to book a 3/4 trip, third trip slot, or a trip for 4 persons or less you can only book that through us personally as the marina does not handle that for us. Thanks!