(252) 473-2398

Slots & How to Schedule now

IF YOU BOOK THROUGH US PERSONALLY 252 423 0039 cell. This number is where you should reach us now as we are out almost all the time fishing.:This means you called and gave us personally your info:  do not go to the marina’s booking desk to pay anything. All deposits and balances are handled between you and us.

IF YOU BOOK THROUGH THE ONLINE FORM OR MARINA: Then you can either pay the balance to us in cash or go to the marina booking desk to settle up on you credit card. Your choice.

It is now in bold type to slow folks down! We are actively booking and I want the ease of telling you once you book through our home/with us-you are done and just come to the boat. No lines, no waiting, no confusion if there is a lot of folks inside the marina.

Openings; third trip this week Tues-Thurs.

Fri pm slot open.

for the weekend call us directly to schedule.

We have many trips: 1/2 day, all day nearshore

if you want a four person trip or 3/4 please call our home.


Viv McPherson