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Sound & Sea…A sighting at the pier..Exit…FLO

Kayaks have launched soundside.

Fall is here and as the marsh changes colors, we change rods.

Crabbers make the slow circles as they tend their pots occasionally lending dessert to a wayward bird.
IMG_2599 3


I love this time of year because our fish tend to move. Never let it be said that my folks cannot pick me out of the masses. It is the OBX version of “Where’s Waldo” when your name gets called out. We always hope that our names are shouted in a GOOD way. We were looking at the ocean at the pier only to encounter some crews! Love our beach time and to have friends and fishermen who fish with us chat it up; that is how we like to roll! I had asked my crews this week to enjoy the beach as I did not have the conditions I wanted early on. They were loving it! I even saw my next generation with his beach toys!

WHAT is LEFT of Hurricane FLO is ACTUALLY an annoying system that is subtropical…looping back SW from Bermuda (think SE of here) and is going to lend to persistent swell along the beaches. If you are a surfer that is super. If you are a fishermen who makes use of shallow water shoals, cuts, etc oceanside it is…..annoying.Go…FLO…really.

We will see which end is up. We have cleaned up from the haul out, tied up at the marina again and finished the first part of the “list”. Anyone who has a boat knows, that list is never ending!