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Soundside~Oceanside the for the Red, White &Blues

We were fishing every day right up until time to move for the hurricane! Let’s get the lines in and bytes so you are updated. People from a range of states are reading and booking us as we move right into the heat of summer.

It doesn’t matter whether you are by yourself on a much deserved vaca~EVERYONE needs some time off! We have light tackle on the bottom in almost all venues depending on sea conditions/areas.


Inside track gave us a variety early as we went from “tiger” mullets, calico, croaker, etc for alot of anglers as the winds were dying out.


We hit a great run with numbers and double headers they kept the mate hopping, the people hooking, and the jokes flying (sorry dude, your girlfriend was absolutely..smokn the fish….chin up Hollywood!) lol. Having a great group that enjoys it, is success period!We had the tunes, the bites, and alot of fun.


Later on we moved right on to some flounder bites (just a few), a few trout etc before moving in for the troll and the calmer seas oceanside. We have had all our hooks sharpened be it keeping or releasing. YES, we do have plenty of release trips and that is no issue.


We have digital, cell phones~you can keep or not keep what you like within the law.

6410 terry jim carl  drum pics 006

By mid to end of week it was all about everything chewing right before the barometer was starting to fall. All types, all the bait and it was on!


Small black tip appeared down South, blues and some macks on the troll if you were inclined and the numbers were very good!


This is the action that we had been pushing for on half days that was on the water temperature roller coaster! Better late than never we had all our tackle in the salt table!

6410 terry jim carl  drum pics 007

We had several schools of drum on the pop and although a younger class than what had hit Will and I previously, the number insured you were able to get up on cast, grab, digitize, and toss back (stop crying…here have a Kleenex…yes I know..but they are release only at this size and well, that is the REASON they stay this size). I gave my camera to the party as I had a whack trolling, one break off , two more hook ups~and this time I was out of hands (thanks Terry and Conner, you get any more shots please float it) Being first or on your lonesome on the weekends makes a good shot!

By the 24 hours prior to the tie up for the hurricane I was fortunate enough to have two great guys, one who fished me more than once that week and if I would have had more good weather I would have tried to grab him again.

P1010042 P1010046

Joey and J. each had a side of the boat, the bites, light tackle, heavy, and double digits before we could even get straight in a troll line! Never let it be said when we can just go fishing, we can just settle in and go to work.


Fish on tap can make anyone successful so be clear that those same fish…can make the hero to zero factor in a hurry! We hope that the now Category 2 Arthur passes quickly, our friends in Hatteras open on time, and we all can get back to an ocean with fish jaws snapping and the dolphin show in full swing.

As we head back to the marina you will see it here. In the mean time , hunker down, sift through any dramatic info you may see on the t.v. and stay on top of it if you are coming back in!

I am still actively booking into August /September regardless of current storms! thanks!

Viv McPherson


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