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“Squirrel !” It’s Like That

Anyone who thinks you simply use a bottom machine, put your lines out, and voila; Fish! “REELY” (see what I did there?) needs to put our boat shoes on day after day.

P1020448 P1020447 P1020446  porter P1020444

Last week saw crews finish up on Kings  and move from scattered spanish or a blue right into ribbon fishing.

P1020450 P1020467 P1020468 burkholder

This is a newer targeting for nearshore in the sense that we worked as a group like a floating city on that species. This is pure “squirrel” mode as we have had every piece of tackle in the water the last three weeks!  Ribbonfish; not in huge schools, swim vertically some times;Shift, shift, shift. Go one trip and see one species, return to dock , go back out and maybe or maybe not do the same thing! I have literally kept 12 rods in the pit. It can be EXHAUSTING!!

P1020470 lawrence pm trip P1020472 P1020474 lawrence third trip

No guarantee on bite for any species and sometimes I think that we are so fortunate on what we have caught that we forget fish can zip their lips, and do.  My regular crews have seen me through week after week be it am, pm trip, or third trip when stacked. Yep, if I am stacked, it is pretty and you want to go then third trip is scheduled by us personally. Ask if you feel shut out on a day and you need THAT day. Be is backside or ocean, we do our best always. My new anglers got birds eye views of various fisheries always learning the distinction between offshore and nearshore, half day and all day.

I have more photos coming and was in the Bay with a great group today (the videos bear witness  and that goes to facebook under sinbadsportfishing) and those photos are coming.

todays info: 8/9/15

Gulfstream Alice Kelly Marlin Tournament -only 4 boats went. Ocean is rough, rolling, and kept nearshore on the shoals and backside for blues and bottom fare.

Weather: sunny, breeze, great temps; will take a lay down to get us back oceanside and everything out there will be new again!

thank you so much to those who have given such kind reviews. We cancelled our All Day Trip yesterday as I could not get the territory for All Day that I wanted. Neil, we appreciate you all coming in and hope that we can see you on the next All Day when the weather is good and the fish stacked!

We are out again tomorrow-backside on the bottom.  Openings this week. If you are here and need to speak with us try our cell first, 252 423 0039 and then home in the evenings. Better to have the information you need !

V McPherson