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Where do we Start? Here!

Hermine, Julia, Karl, hard NE wind; don’t let the door hit you on the way out! The ocean has begun to at least clear up compared to what it was prior. Easiest runs were towards end of last week with crews shifting from the backside to the oceanside on the troll for the blues & spanish that had been there prior to blow. North, South, & miles off is what was covered.Coast Guard continues to check the bar each major storm.


I have had excellent groups who have fished a variety of weather conditions and that has kept us untied and switching gear depending on what we had.


Oceanside hasĀ  finally put the first blues and macks back in the box with us still looking for albacores and other fare that should be on the migration track.


Seas went from tough to more tolerable today with the forecast (if it holds) on a big laydown . Tropical systems had given us swell where we should not have had it due to just the wind. It was a surprise for the anglers and frustrating for the crews.

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Backside gave me some trout and bottom fare for the table last week with my newest angler on her very first trip, first time on the rod, all buckled in with family in tow. Congratulations Madeline!


You did a great job and your family is teaching you right; take it all in, do a bit of fishing, and have fun! Boats in transit are making their way South (until we meet again is the translation I was told) and we begin to wait on October as September was a gauntlet!


We have no openings until Wednesday pm for the beginning of this week so if you are here and want to schedule just call our cell at

252 423 0039 cell/boat

Thanks to those that made it in last week!

V. McPherson