(252) 473-2398

It started with Adam: Openings-Sea It!

Thursday June 1, 2018: pm trip or can do 3/4 in the afternoon. Call directly 252 423 0039
Friday-Saturday: Get on board! Am, pm slots or 3/4 available. Book directly with us at
252 424 0039 cell/boat
Sunday-I have started some calls as Monday has a ? in it weather wise.

We have not stopped fishing! Thank you Adam for switching and getting on ahead of schedule! Bad water moved out and the bite heated up putting us back into a variety of species depending on your trip or time slot. Good numbers have been on board and quite a few small cobia were on the inlet this day at lunch. If you let Jim Cantore or anyone else call it, they were a bit off as seas were great and the fish didn’t care..they were already in the water!


I have alot of photos coming but for the guys that showed up since this weekend, got on board be it drizzle or sun, and hit the catches; we THANK you! It paid!

Viv McPherson