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“Still Waters” run deep..run shallow…just run!

FINALLY! I can tell you from all the folks we have had lately that no one is disappointed to put their feet in the sand, their derriere in the boat chair and just soak it in!



It is so rare to see the surface almost “breathless” that even the blow boaters idle through on those days to safely tie up.


They kept me laughing the entire time!

I continue to be out of the dock, roaming the ocean with great customers on half day this week! Now, it is all about who you bring. Seriously.


I have seen some unique individuals make the entire trip-and let me tell you, this ol’ boy here is a big man. Like Paul Bunyan big! I really think he could have held a basket ball in one hand (he made my bonita look….scared).


Yet, he was the kindest  guy once you got to know him (okay, so the cockpit is an enclosed space and truly-at 5 ft and an inch or two of height, where the HECK would I go?).


We continued to see a variety of conditions so far with SW, light and breezed up and also hardly any wind at all! Sunny skies shown through by end of trip today but don’t let the showers moving through deter you. Sometimes we can go around them. That, and the FISH do not know it is raining lol.


It is the Outerbanks and the weather changes briefly so if you don’t like it…just simply wait! Some crews are new to us and some have seen us a few years ago and are now back on vacation. We appreciate that always! Today was both cloudy, then sunny. Fishing was scrappy-then great all in the same trip! That is exactly what is up right now as of this moment! We saw Spanish and small cores yesterday and today on half days-for other fare speak with us prior as the cobia we released this weekend were definite releases (juvenile) and that fish is a get lucky , see it, cast it etc.


                              Thanks Boys! Nicely done-see you next year!

Bottom fishing on all day is also a option but call us direct so we can see what you may be interested in. Try not to go on old information (“my friend said”) as you may get disappointed.  I am scheduled again tomorrow and the following day-If you are interested in an opening-just call! Thank you to all who continue to call us (252 423 0039 cell) and just get aboard to fish, watch the dolphin, and be somewhere completely different than where they drove out of!

Vivian McPherson