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Summer Fell In!

80F? REALLY?!!



We have fished all week once again and let me thank customers who have not been able to get us in the past, those who strove out for their first Nearshore ride, those whose children have fished us before-and they are in college now.

P1010683 P1010684

I love having folks that just want to see what we do!



We got it all in prior to the fronts this week and my friends, it was flat seas and excellent blues on tap again! Water temps are still higher than we normally have and all that bait is on the move. I saw one or two drum in the 24 inch category caught up from the surf the northern beaches as well as pan trout.



Trolling we have been hitting limits again on blues as they begin to run! Doubles, singles, and a few Spanish (not many guys) also made their way into the box!

P1010737 P1010736


That is beer batter, mediterranean stew w/ shrimp, grilled fish spread-we actually eat them quite often! Circle after circle left my crew ¬†with alot of smiles. If you couldn’t enjoy the temps, the breeze, the bite then you should be home working! Seriously…By weeks end, half ¬†days were limits on blues, one or two spanish, yesterday saw no shark/albacore even with great conditions which just means its all moving.

P1010738 P1010739

Thanks ya’ll. I am so glad you got down and it all fell into place!


TODAY (SUNDAY) : NE winds 25 w/6 ft seas put you on the backside again. Expect puppy drum from the piers or along chop in the coves along the shoals. Depending on current you may be bottom on the backside. Trolling you should be on the blues until the wind catches them. We are due to get gorgeous again this week. I have no openings at the end of the month (gone, sorry-private hire). I still have openings starting tomorrow so if there is a fish you are looking for-call us direct BEFORE booking and lets try to work together. If it isn’t on the dock it may not be biting!


Viv McPherson