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Sun, Spock & Spring-Welcome 2015 !

Yes! What? Confused? Don’t be. Spring is trying hard to put down the lion of a winter that continued to roar.


Every day the sun shines we move about the island much as an army of ants with places to be and a purpose on our backs. I have been fielding calls and emails as to what and when and this only hastens the dust off. Where do we go to get ready?

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You have a few choices but know that we pull up, paint, prep, and clean. It takes teamwork with yard personnel and yard owners to get in and out on time. You are glad to hear the lift pick you up and even happier when it hums to drop you back in. These are the corners of our island. Lest you forget just where you are; it is a tightly knit neighborhood of homes and families. That candid statement needed no explanation.


Our sleepy roads belong to all and sometimes in Spring’s haste, there is a reminder (I know. I saw this and I could only think of that actor Sam Elliott in my ear doing all the truck and beef commercials).


[FV Kobayashi-Maru)

Everyone…I mean everyone is getting their “ships” ready for their next voyage. If you have to rewrite the scenario then who am I to argue?!!


There is no denying the signs of summer to come and a Spring that has sprung. We are now at the inlet ready to go. Water temps are still frigid so let us get through the next few days to see what has its fin in the wind! Oregon Inlet was closed by the USCG but word had it late this afternoon that we are waiting for them to issue an opening to vessels drawing under 5ft . Please wait for any official word as fine levied prior to opening is …$32,500.    yes. It is that large!

I will be posting pics for those new to the forum so you have an idea of what we do. Beyond that , scroll through last years photos to get the gist!

Thank you

Viv McPherson