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Sun YES! Ocean Not yet

For those trapped the last few days run on outside and grab that sunshine! You have earned it! The phone has begun to ring again but let us give you today’s info (as of lunchtime 8/30/17).  It will change as we get closer to end of weekend. Day to day on the lay down.

FISHING BOATS: are  dropping in the water,slowly moving back into the marina slips, or just remained in their slips based on their need. You should see Oregon Inlet re-fill with all the work boats as many were backside with us or temporarily at Pirate’s Cove for the blow.



OCEAN: big ol’ nope.  See the breakers and the curls on the horizon? The most you will be doing is fishing backside in the bay. We opted out  right now.  Water back there is shook folks. Sunshine yep-you got that.

We don’t need slick calm(we fish chop etc) but we need some of the conditions (think bait, scattered fish and temps) to get a shot at what you saw in this picture below. This was right before we left due to weather. When I say weather I mean wind not rain. For now,  we need to wait until the ocean settles, fish re group, and it is workable.


No gulf stream (tuna boats)  were out in the ocean today, no nearshore/inshore were out in the ocean today-this is very normal after a system moves through.   The seas have to fall way down to even get back out.

We are looking forward to the lay down, the regrouping, and putting the lines in! I hope this clears some of it up and as we rejoin the “lines in” activity , we will post it here.

I am actively booking into next week right now as we know we have the lay down coming up.

Thank you to those who were with us prior, those who hung in there trying to get aboard. A storm forming last minute was frustrating enough for even the crews! Arrghhh.

V McPherson