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Surf & Sun& Hooks undone!

As promised we have come out of the gate this week with stellar temps and beautiful blue skies! Seas dropped from 4ft down to “do-able”  for us and as soon as we could, we hit it.


I had one cancellation earlier but the fortune of fishing with a great family (later this week)-three generations deep.  Between stories, munchies, and gear in, it was one of the easiest starts I have had (which means I will probably…pay…later)


Ocean temps continue cold which puts us still with some jackets on even when the sun rises.  Current was beyond for a puppy drum bite. That didn’t stop us from having great company, the gear, and a cabin to get out of the wind.

P1020012 P1020010

Light tackle was the trick this time with baits in, some patience, and some laughs. Sam has fished quite a bit with his family (mom is a mullet wrangler-I like ‘em too)and between watching him cast or bottom fish, jumping to the corner for Grandpa,


or to the stern to watch the” release team”  (bro) (I enjoy it no doubt) it was a true family trip!

P1020006 P1020008

On the bottom we saw mullet, perch, the first flounder release of the season (amazing Sam lol where the heck did he come from?!), and other fare.  We had the wind at our backs, the sun disappeared, and we still kept in the bite which means this family had fish karma in spades! Everyone that was able was out working in one form or another.


By the time we wrapped it up we were thinking coffee and of course my crew was heading to the Aquarium to round out the experience! We let it all go (we do that on a variety of species so if you have no need, take a digital, let it go). Boys-very nice job!  You met the challenge of the temps and time of year! Sam, take my email and send me a pick from down south when you hook up!

Landon-thanks so much for bringing the family and hooking up with us! We appreciate it!

Visitors: If you are coming in, call us at home for the latest as this is early and the hotter the temps the better to get us on track for the Spring runs! We have many trips for many budgets so if there is something specific-always ask prior to booking!

Viv McPherson

surf report-water temps continue cold but a shot of drum and one cobia (I was told via Hatteras cpt.) made an appearance at Ocracoke beaches.