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The Surfer, Biker,Foghorn Leghorn& Zac Brown

I know I know….I wil explain. I had a fantastic group last trip out. It was more like hanging out with friends than actual work. In reality, they were on a break from work and got fantastic beach weather and a chance to at least hit the water with us. NE fronts continue to push through which means ocean fishing just here and there and the rest of the time on the trips are for stripers on the backside. I am missing my group shot and was unable to get a shot of my “surfer”who was very familiar with our set up due to the fact Wilmington was his home in the past. The flip flops in November gave him away.  My “biker” was one who put my jogs and attempts at exercise to shame. Yeah…he would be one of those guys you see on the Blue Ridge highway trail like it was the Tour d France! Zac Brown? Hey….he donned a knit cap and we did have to laugh lol.


A few of the guys were texting their kids which makes if fun because nobody likes to be at home when pop is at the beach! Let me explain “Foghorn Leghorn.”If you have ever seen Saturday cartoons with the big rooster who keeps lecturing the baby chicken hawk on how to catch a chicken…remember…his mantra was “now listen here boy..” He had a great mellow personality but it still kept playing in my head lol. They all  claim he always has something happen to him on these trips but we skirted any tall tales this trip out. I wonder…what happened later….

Stripers are a faucet (on and off) and the size is still in release range. The weathermen missed the forecast the last 48 hrs so we showed to go. We have a freight train of a front due starting Saturday late (snow up North and Wind here). Small craft goes up tomorrow pm so as we approach the Holiday week , we will be playing it by ear. For those coming in , that has been the scoop-my face still hurts from smiling and I hope that they guys can hit our social media with their group shot as I HATE missing that picture (i do not like leaving anyone out period). thanks. As keep it here and we will let you know!

V McPherson

**Fellas, thank you so much. I will be looking for a few of you next summer!