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SW to NE; The Switchback

We were overdue last week for a solid breeze up and as we hit mid week, we got it! Before Wednesday morning, it was flat seas, coastal range, and customizing if you were with us on that schedule prior.

P7290340 P7290341 P7290342

We have been on upwellings of cold water which left crews running the distance some days and other days close to home in a finger of decent water. Half days continued to see the blues, spanish macks, occasional drum, false albacore and bullet macks.

P7310353 P7310352

Bait balls rolled as boats made the circles like a predatory fish. When the boundaries for the run got pushed we managed to find some closer to home in the afternoon slots which made it easier than the runs we had earlier.

P7280332 P7280331 P7280333

As the coldfront moved in, so did the chop and the seas.

P7300346 P7300350 P7300351The fast troll and hook ups we took for granted shifted! What was easier became the challenge as fish sought the refuge of the waves and shallows.

P8030394 P8030387 P8030393 P8030389

Fishing the start of the front gave us blues and occasional mack which turned into blues, bottom fishing, and release flounder by the afternoon.  My crew from Tenn. made short work of it and kept me moving on the backside. The beauty of the summer NE wind is usually it doesn’t last too long. SW again pushed int to lay it back down.


I still have more to come from that week so if you are not pictured here just wait as I am editing photos.

I am booking into later this month and starting September so if there is a weekend you need, please schedule once you are sure! Thanks to those who continue to keep us untied. We do our best!

V McPherson